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Medical tourism

08 ноября 2019

Treatment in Russia


Located in Kemerovo region (south west Siberia), the State children's hospital is a six hundred bed academic hospital that provides comprehensive medical services for children in all fields of medicine and for pregnant women.  We offer the entire spectrum of patient care to our patients, from cutting-edge diagnostic procedures and therapies to the most advanced pharmaceutical drugs.

State children's hospital is one of the most progressive pediatric clinics in Russia. The hospital is unique by its ultra-modern medical equipment. It is equipped with a variety of advanced technology, including visual diagnosis tools, surgical technology (including microsurgical operations), its own laboratory, maternity units and wards. State children's hospital treats over 20,000 children and women. Pediatric treatment at the hospital is provided by Russia-renowned specialists and doctors. Each department is headed by a top-level expert who has completed courses in highly prestigious medical centers in Russia and Europe.